• ATTESA - 35 (Tofana di Rozes)

  • ATTESA - 75 (Tre Cime di Lavaredo)

  • ATTESA - 8 (Strada delle 52 gallerie, M. Pasubio)

  • ATTESA - 26 (Strada degli alpini, Dolomiti di Sesto)

  • ATTESA - 2 (Colbricon, Catena del Lagorai)

  • ATTESA - 12 (Dente Ita from Dente Au)


    WWI: The Italian Front in the Dolomites Mountains

    The First World War was fought in marvelous, wild places, landscapes that enchant, today as much as they did in the past, but one hundred years ago these places became theatres of atrocities. I have chosen to represent this world using the simplest means, pinhole photography. No lens, no viewfinder, just a pinhole where light enters and imprints the film.

    I have had the opportunity to admire these mountains but most of all I have apprehended their hidden, silent tragic majesty. Waiting for something to happen, while between you and what you are observing, dreams and fantasies, hopes and fears unwind.

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